Wet Aging vs. Dry Aging:

All of our beef is aged a minimum of 21 days before a knife touches the product. Wet aging beef is essential in developing the natural flavor of the beef by keeping the primal or sub primal in the vacuum sealed cyrovac so the enzymes maximize the flavor the beef while the connective tissue is being broken down all while being stored in temperature monitored coolers.  Aging beef is important with high quality primals to elevate our customers demand to serve the best product to their customers.

Dry aging beef is when you take the sub primal out of the vacuum sealed cyrovac and place the primal in humidity and temperature controlled room for a certain period of time causing the primal to lose excess water while developing the muscle tissue within beef leading to a more pronounced beef flavor and tenderness. All dry age products are aged to a customers specifics needs starting at a minimum of 14 days expanding all the way up to 75 days. Typical dry aged products include any bone in sub primals due to the flavor of the bone enhancing the dry aging process. Our newly updated 6,000 square foot state-of-the-art dry aging room is monitored hourly for temperature and humidity control securing only the finest flavor the process has to offer.

Not only are we dry aging beef products, we also are one of the only suppliers in the country to offer dry age pork products as well.