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Bill Schutz | Chairman and CEO

Established in suburban Chicagoland in 1956, Consumers Packing Company has established itself as a leader in the meat industry. As a family owned business, we are proud to continue our company’s rich heritage of partnering with of the top steakhouses and restaurants in the country, as well as some of the most highly regarded hotels and resorts nationwide and across the world.

What truly differentiates us from our competitors is our dedication and commitment to fine quality and uncompromised service. Our customers’ complete satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed with our “Five Star” Excellence Standard, delivering to our customers and their guests the absolute finest hand-cut and properly aged USDA Prime and USDA Choice Beef Products available in the marketplace.

Ask any Consumers Packing Customer and they will agree that our commitment to quality products and our eagerness in working with them to identify solutions and programs to meet their business objectives are unmatched. We listen to our customers and tailor our services to best suit their needs. For example, we have created specific initiatives such as our dry aging program and customized portion control cutting service.

As this company’s owner, I promise that our “Commitment to Excellence” goes beyond just customer service, it is the foundation and attitude at Consumers Packing. We have stringent quality control standards that ensure the safety and quality of our products. I am extremely proud of the fact that FSIS and the USDA Inspector Services use our facility to grade and develop labeling programs, not only throughout the region, but nationwide. No other meat supplier operation or facility can make this claim.

I invite you to join our list of satisfied customers and learn why many of the fine dining establishments in the U.S. have chosen Consumers Packing Company for all of their meat and seafood needs.


Bill Schutz
Chairman and CEO
Consumers Meat Packing



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