Consumers Packing strives to cut only the best product nature has to offer. With the term “farm-to-table” creating abuzz in recent years, Consumers has been sourcing from farms less than 120 miles from the farms door to their door for over 20 years. Using native steer Midwest cattle is their specialty. Cattle grazes on grass field pastures before being corn finished.

  • 90% of our product comes from Tyson’s IBP Plant in Joslin, Illinois
  • We only cut 100% native steer cattle only
  • Our Upper 2/3rds program is “Grade A” maturity only (USDA Grading scale)
  • We only cut USDA inspected product
  • Hand-selected product
  • We offer USDA Prime, USDA Prime Angus, Upper 2/3rds Choice, USDA Choice Angus and USDA Choice product
  • Access to both Kobe & Wagyu product from Australia and Japan
  • Wild game sourced from the US

Consumers Packing Company continues to stay with the trends of the food industry offering multiple Grass Fed options for our customers. According to the USDA standards, cattle qualifies in the “grass fed” category if the animal is freely roaming on grassy (or clover field) pastures and not offered a corn fed diet. Hay may be included within that diet.



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