Our process


At Consumers Packing Company, we take pride in using only the best product that nature has to offer. For the past twenty years, we have thrived by providing farm-to-table meats for our customers by sourcing from farms within 120 miles of our facility. We meticulously follow USDA guidelines regarding grass-fed animal diets. Our native Midwest cattle graze in grass field pastures before being corn-finished. 

Other Consumers Packing sourcing facts: 

According to the USDA standards, cattle qualifies in the “grass fed” category if the animal is freely roaming on grassy or clover field pastures, and not offered a corn fed diet. Hay may be included within a grass fed diet.


Wet Aging

Wet-aging beef is an essential process in developing the natural flavor of the meat. This flavor development occurs by keeping the primal and subprimal cuts of beef in a vacuum-sealed cryovac. Within these temperature monitored coolers, enzymes enhance the flavor of the beef, while simultaneously breaking down connective tissue, maximizing both taste and tenderness. 

Dry Aging

The dry-aging process occurs when primal cuts of beef or pork are removed from the vacuum-sealed cryovac. From this stage, primal cuts are placed in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment. These conditions cause the primal cuts to lose excess water while developing the muscle tissue within the cuts. This development results in a more pronounced flavor and superior tenderness. All dry-aged periods last between 14 and 75 days depending on the specific requests of the customer. Our 6,000 square foot dry-aging room is monitored hourly for precise temperature and humidity control. Additionally, Consumers Packing is proud to be one of the only suppliers in the country to offer dry-aged pork products.

Custom Portion Control is Our Specialty


With some of the country’s best butchers on hand in our facility, we specialize in creating custom portion options for all of our customers.

Whether it is beef, pork, veal, or any other offerings, enhance your dining experience with a stunning center plate item from Consumers Packing. In order to maximize freshness and preserve the quality we are committed to, all of our orders are cut, packaged, and shipped the same day.

Delivery you can count on


Our products are vacuum-sealed in temperature-controlled coolers throughout the entire shipping process. We partner with reliable carriers to ensure efficient and timely deliveries no matter the location. Our commitment to using the most modern shipping methods results in a fresh product right at your doorstep

Consumers Packing manages accounts across the globe. Our shipping locations include: 

Our local customers in Chicago are serviced by our fleet of refrigerated delivery trucks. Local deliveries from our factory occur six days a week.